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Our processes

The careful selection of raw materials constitutes the essential foundation for achieving high standards of quality in the final product. Freshly salted beef shoulders of European origin are meticulously chosen to meet the desired specifications in the end product.

Our vegetable-tanned leather is employed both in Italy and internationally in the fields of leather goods, footwear, belts, bookbinding, and small objects. Over time, we have carefully chosen our products, ensuring compliance with current regulations and guaranteeing the quality of impeccable tanning for which we are proudly known.

The finishing of the hides is entrusted to the skilled hands of our technicians, who employ both traditional hand methods and cutting-edge techniques, giving them the impeccable and high-quality final appearance.

The processing phases








Hand finishing

Spray finishing

Final selection


Artigiano del Cuoio adopts a sustainable approach by optimizing resources and controlling the entire production process.

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