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Research and sustainability

The sustainable approach of Artigiano del Cuoio is a fundamental part of our corporate philosophy and is reflected in a series of targeted initiatives aimed at resource optimization and strict control of the entire production process. This commitment to sustainability is at the heart of what we do and is evident in several key actions:
  1. Responsible Chemical Management: We closely monitor the use of chemicals in our production process. We ensure that they strictly comply with current regulations and the standards required by our customers. This practice guarantees that our products are made in an environmentally safe manner for both the environment and end-users.
  2. Low-Impact Tanning Recipes: We are dedicated to researching and implementing tanning recipes with reduced environmental impact. This means minimizing the use of harmful chemicals and enhancing the overall efficiency of the process.
  3. Water Conservation: We recognize the significance of water as a precious resource and, therefore, implement measures for water conservation. One of the ways we do this is through water reuse in the tanning process, contributing to reducing our environmental footprint.
  4. Energy Efficiency: We have taken significant steps towards energy efficiency in our operations. We are committed to replacing traditional lighting sources with LED lights, which consume significantly less energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  5. Photovoltaic Plant: We have invested in a photovoltaic plant to generate electrical energy from renewable sources. This allows us to reduce electricity consumption from non-renewable sources, contributing to our goal of reducing our ecological footprint.
Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance with environmental laws; it represents a genuine value that guides our daily decisions and actions. We will continue to explore innovative ways to enhance our sustainability and reduce our environmental impact while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship that define us.

Clean and accessible energy

Sustainable Power for a Greener Tomorrow

Energy from our photovoltaic panels
Products from renewable sources (kWh)
Energy used for self-consumption
CO₂ not released into the environment
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Artigiano del Cuoio adopts a sustainable approach by optimizing resources and controlling the entire production process.